Communicating with your Clients

There are many ways DiaryBook automates communication via email and text with your clients, as well as giving you the ability to manually send and receive messages as required.

Appointment Notifications


Notifications, or early reminders, gives your client plenty of notice of their appointment and encourages feedback to ensure they can attend. If they know they cannot this gives you more time to reschedule the appointment.

Appointment Reminders


Appointment reminders are sent closer to the appointment day and include the date and time of the appointment. These reminders reduce the number of missed appointments in your diary.

Appointment Instructions


Appointment instructions give your clients instructions specific to the type of appointment that they have. It could contain dietry requirements, a list of items to bring or a reminder on the types of payments accepted.

Recall Reminders


Recall reminders are designed to generate repeat appointments and to encourage your client to contact you to make another appointment.

Compose a message

Sending Messages Made Easy

It's easy to send messages to individuals or groups of clients.

For example in the case of a disaster, such as a power cut or flooding, you could cancel a whole day of appointments with a single instruction.

Further examples are replying to client queries or reminding specific clients of instructions.