Maximizing Revenues

DiaryBook is an online appointment management service designed from the ground up with 1 goal in mind: to maximize appointment turnover. It does this automatically using these 3 tactics unique to DiaryBook.

Reduces Missed Appointments

By sending your clients appointment reminders, DiaryBook reduces the number of missed appointments in your diary. Using this tactic alone can reduce your DNA (Did Not Attend) rate by up to 30%.

Predicts Gaps in Your Diary

DiaryBook promotes feedback from clients giving you early warning of any issues they may have with attendance or outright cancellations. The earlier the notice the more time you have to fill the gaps.

Invites Clients to Make New Appointments

DiaryBook can automate recall reminders prompting clients to contact you for another appointment. In addition DiaryBook has a marketing engine complete with a direct marketing opt-out facility.

DiaryBook Reduces Costs

Sending email and SMS text reminders is far less expensive then postal reminders or telephone calls. With this fact alone, DiaryBook pays for itself.

Factor in costs associated with time on the telephone or stuffing envelopes and the argument gets even stronger. And last but not least the efficiency introduced to your admin environment when the number of times the telephone rings in a day is vastly reduced is incalculable.

Signing Up

Signing up to DiaryBook takes less than a minute. When you do sign up, you create a Free Plan account (see our pricing page for more information). There is no fixed contract and no credit card is required. There is nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain so why not sign up today.

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